Do Storms Drive Your Dog Crazy?

Storm phobia is a common problem in our canine companions and can lead to some upsetting, destructive and potentially harmful behaviour.

Here at Bloomin’ Vet we advocate for drug free alternatives to help control this behaviour. We have found that ‘Thunder Shirts’ are a wonderful way to assist in calming dogs with storm phobias. Thunder shirts work by applying pressure around the dog (similar to swaddling a baby!) and this helps to calm and soothe the dog. Whilst this may sound a bit strange it really does work with about an 80% success rate in controlling and improving storm phobia behaviour!!!

Many people want to sedate their animal which is seen as a quick and easy solution but sedations come with inherent risks and as an animal ages these risks increase. Many dogs will ‘fight’ through the medication as well which can lead to having to use excessively high doses. So whilst it is very necessary in some animals to use either short or long term behavioural medications there are drug free alternatives that are actually more successful and safer in the long run!

I have found that a thunder jacket combined with other behaviour training including crate training we can get reasonable control of the storm behaviour in most cases. So if you have any questions book an appointment to discuss strategies to help soothe your petrified pooch today!

From one of our clients:

Dear Katie,

Just wanted to let you know how fantastically Squeak has responded to his Thunder Shirt. Previously as discussed when a storm was approaching he would not only be trembling, but doing his best to sit on his shoulders. The only relief we would get would be from valium. We had tried walking him during the storm and yes this worked as long as we didn't mind getting soaked or didn't need to go home! His behaviour had started to rub off on Pippa and last year we needed to start her on valium too. As you are aware this did not please me having to drug my dogs, so after our conversation I came home and ordered the Thunder shirts. They have had a fantastic result. Squeak loves it, we now can sit in peace during a storm watching Squeak chilling on his bed, no more walks in the rain and he only needs drugs when thunder is involved. Thank you, great recommendation.

Catherine and David

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