Clinic Tails - Virgil and his 5.2kg Testicular Tumor

This is a story with a happy ending for Virgil, a lovely 9yr old Boxer we saw for the first time in early September 2015. Virgil had been getting "old" lately, losing some weight and now his belly was getting more prominent. After a checkup and some tests we found he had a large abdominal mass.

For no particular reason Virgil had never been desexed and more worryingly he had only ever had one testicle where testis should be. There was a high likelihood that the retained testicle in his abdomen had become cancerous and was now huge and killing him.

We x-rayed his chest to look for signs of spread of cancer and thankfully no signs were present. We discussed surgical risks and options with Virgil's Dad and it was decided to perform surgery to try and remove his cancer.

The photos are firstly of his massive testicular tumour after being removed from his abdomen. It weighed 5.2 kg. Virgil weighed 38kg pre surgery and 32.5kg post surgery. Thankfully there was no sign of spread to local lymph nodes internally. The second photo is of Virgil happy to be back getting his sutures out 10 days post surgery well on his way to a full recovery.

Virgil was a very lucky dog and his case serves as a timely reminder for people to get their pets desexed. There are many great reasons to desex cats and dogs and in a lot of cases no compelling reasons not to. Virgil's case is not an isolated instance and demonstrates one of the very real risks pets face when they are left entire.

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