Why a 20 minute consultation is standard at our clinic and what that means

We have people who call each day booking for and asking the price of a consultation. But what exactly is a consultation and what are you getting for your money? A consultation is your chance to discuss any questions or problems you have with your pet. And it is our opportunity to give your pet a thorough examination from head to tail. Any issues or problems we find need to be discussed and a treatment plan worked out for what is best for your pet and what fits your budget. All of this takes time to do well.

When was the last time you went to the Doctor and actually got a thorough checkup for a routine consultation and discussed more than one problem? Probably never as the medical industry (including the veterinary profession) favours shorter 10 minute consultations. This is good for the practice bottom line (ie more consultations per hour equals more money), but perhaps not so good for you or your pet. This is why at The Bloomin' Vet we schedule 20 minute consultations as our routine offering. This gives you time to talk to us about your pet and for us to discuss both preventative medicine and any treatments or diagnostic tests which may be needed. All of this means your pet gets the best opportunity to live a long and happy life.

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