4CYTE. A breakthrough in arthritis management

We are now stocking 4CYTE Canine which is a revolutionary complete joint support supplement targeting all key areas of joint function. It is similar in ingredients to Sashas' Blend (and the generic Pernease Powder) which I have been recommending for 15 years. But we think 4CYTE is better still.

4CYTE contains a plant based oil, Epiitalis, with proven ability to aid chondrocyte proliferation and unique compounds targeting joints. This means that is can stimulate the cartilage cells to actually grow and reproduce which we have never had as an option before.

It is a blend of Epiitalis, New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel (Perna Canaliculas), Abalone (Haliotis Iris) and Marine cartilage. The blend of key compounds obtains maximum effectiveness. In vitro studies show the combination is more potent than each ingredient on its own.

4CYTE Canine targets four key areas:

  • Supports the natural mechanism to maintain health cartilage and joints.

  • Assists to maintain normal joint function

  • Promotes – contains a range of compounds known to be necessary for promoting healthy joints

  • Potential to assist with recovery times after excessive exercise and reduce the symptoms of resulting aches and pains.

4CYTE Canine can be utilised as an advanced joint support supplement, pre and post-operative situations for athletic dogs at risk of developing reduced joint function, dogs with reduced mobility/flexibility and older dogs.

The marine cartilage utilised in 4CYTE is from the fish backbone, which is a by-product of fish harvested for human consumption and come predominantly from Australian and New Zealand waters harvested under strict Governmental quota systems.

4CYTE Canine has been tested extensively in research which has demonstrated that the active ingredients are effective following simulated digestion and ultrafiltration (“absorption”) and that the product does reach the joints following oral administration.

Very few of the pets we have recommended it to have had any palatability issues, gobbling up the little fishy pellets.

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